• Heart Unity Candle Holder Black

    Heart Unity Candle Holder Black

    This Beautiful Heart Unity candle holder supports a standard pillar candle and two taper candles during the wedding ceremony in the church.
    Comes in a beautiful black finish and fitted to our all Wedding Unity Candle Sets.

  • 21.00

    Personalised wooden box

    Personalised handmade wooden box .
    This keepsake wooden box is ideal for keeping the wedding candles after the wedding ceremony in a safe and beautiful place. The top of the box can be personalised and every wedding candle design can be retrieved from our website.
    The box only fits our wedding candles. This box is also a perfect present to give to a friend or a loved one. The box is only available in this natural – wooden colour, that can be seen on the image.
     The same design that is on the candle can be done on the box so that they match and are aesthetically pleasing.
    Post/delivery: depends on the order, 10 working days.