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First Holy Communion Gifts and Party Ideas in Ireland

First Holy communion is the Sacrament of the Eucharist. What is the tradition in Ireland?  What makes the day  so special? Why should you spend a  fortune on it? How can you celebrate it in a modest but memorable way?  Read everything here that you should know about this rite. Irish confirmation gifts, reception, party ideas and useful tips.

What is Holy Communion?

First Holy communion is the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The word ‘communion’ means to be united with. Christians believe that in holy communion they are united in a special way with Jesus Christ, that they are sharing in the body and blood of Christ the Saviour.

Eucharist, coming from a Greek word means: thanksgiving.

It is also called  Mass, the Lord’s Supper or the Divine Liturgy, and accepted by almost all Christians.

Christians don’t say that they ‘do’ or ‘carry out’ the Eucharist; they celebrate it. In some churches, the person who takes the leading role in the ceremony is called the celebrant.

When is First Holy Communion in Ireland?

When a child reaches the age of around 7-8 years and celebrates the first time that they accept the bread and wine (also known as the Eucharist). This means that most children are usually in second class in school when they make their First Communion. The bread and wine symbolize the body and blood of Christ. After this special occasion, the child is able to accept the bread and wine at Catholic Mass (church services) and is more deeply initiated into the Catholic Church. It is necessary for the child to have been baptized (christened) prior to their First Holy Communion.


1st Holy Communion Gifts and and Party Ideas

Making your First Holy Communion only happens once in a lifetime, but does it mean that you should spend a  fortune on it?

According to the parents are spending more than €800  for their child’s First Holy Communion – with almost half of the money going on the celebratory party afterwards.

Half of the parents who were surveyed agreed that there was pressure to spend as much money on the day as other parents did.

But almost a third were less concerned, and would rather save the money so they can spend it on birthdays or summer holidays instead.

The survey also showed that children got an average of €570 in gifts on the occasion of their First Communion this year.

First Holy Communion is less Christian, more Christian Dior

Peter Mulryan

The celebration of First Communion shouldn’t be accompanied as sometimes has been the case, by extravagant expense,  if you want to help the child to fully understand the mystery of the Eucharist.

Your appearance on the day makes the day special. That’s all the church wants.

Give instead a timeless gift they can hold onto forever, such as a Bible, a prayer book, a nice communion candle, Photo frames in silver or wood / photo albums etc.


That way, they can use this item and always know they got it for their First Communion. Don’t put an additional burden on the religious ceremonies.

First Communion Gifts for Boys

First Holy Communion Gifts/Presents for Boys

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First Communion Gifts for Girls

First Holy Communion Gifts/Presents for Girls

First Communion Celebration Ideas

First communion party decorations should be simple, kid-friendly, and religious.

  • Confirm the time and date of the First Communion ceremony with your church.
  • Organize your guest list for the Communion party to follow.
  • Choose a venue or location.
  • Plan out your budget for food
  • Show up at the restaurant or party you’re giving a message that the child’s Communion matters.
  • Get involved. Offer to help with the food or to hang balloons.
  • Gather old family communion pics and make a display. It helps people to feel included.
  • Complain and give out. For some people this is the best part of any day out. Save it for the car journey home. And enjoy.

You can find tons of decoration and gift ideas about Communion accessories on Pinterest 

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